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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the foundation of every company’s content marketing strategy. With relevant keywords and the right text, a website features prominently in all search results, beating out the competition for customer attention.

Good SEO starts with impressive web design. The leading concerns are usability, professionalism and attractiveness. Without such elements, visitors will have a bumpy ride accessing the information they’re seeking. For the best results, your site has to be findable, likeable and usable.

Here are six things businesses can do to make their websites search engine ready and a “darling” of the masses.

Image SEO

Alt-tagging all pictures on your website optimizes your images for search engines. This provides extra content to Google as it crawls your site for text. Scale your images down because a large image size slows down your site. When naming your images, keep SEO in mind. Choose keywords that match the terms your clients use when searching for what you offer.

Remove Content Blocks

What’s hurting your ranking is that wall you set up to block access to content. This includes sections you reserve for members only, forms you require visitors to fill out before viewing any content, and “paywalls” that offer content only after a user has paid for it. Blocking sections of your website is ok so long as you have several sections optimized and open to the public.

Regularly Update

Google wants to remain valuable to its daily users. For this reason, up-to-date information is ranked over pages that have been stagnant for years. Update your most important pages with the latest pics or news of your newest merchandise. Have a blog and appoint someone to create fresh content for it regularly. Include keywords that are relevant.

Optimize your URLs

Another shot at SEO comes in your preferred domain name. Even if your URL is up and running, you can alter your search results using search-friendly page names. For instance, a URL like will appeal to clients creating a website. Add geographic information to your URL. That helps with location-based searches.

Make it Mobile

Many customers now do searches using their tablets and smartphones. Google knows this and penalizes any site that isn’t mobile-friendly. Choosing responsive web design is the way forward. Besides good optimization, make sure your content answers questions asked via voice recognition. Experts recommend including a FAQ section on your site to satisfy question-based voice searches.

Speed it Up

Even if your website is attractive and functional, it won’t perform well if your page load time is sluggish. Clients may find your page but they’ll grow impatient if they can’t access the info they need in timely fashion. Apart from server-level issues, elements like JavaScript, plugins and social sharing buttons could be slowing things down.

Your website’s design and optimization determine whether or not clients will find you. That’s why it’s important to perform regular audits to ensure your web design and SEO campaign aren’t hurting your firm’s marketing efforts.

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Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing are all about gaining visibility in the search engines. SEO marketing one of the most effective ways to grow and expand the reach of your business in the ever competitive online marketplace. There are millions of businesses online competing for the same customers, and it has never been as important to advertise online as now.

Digital marketing strategy

What is SEO?

The primary concern of SEO is ensuring that your website ranks high in the search engine results pages for keywords relevant to your business/niche, thereby driving more traffic and perhaps more business. Previously, SEO used to involve adding a few keywords to your website to make it easier for search engines to find it. However, it has evolved into a multi-faceted marketing technique that needs to be integrated into the wider digital marketing strategy.

Furthermore, SEO is not a static solution. The rules of the game keep changing all the time as online capabilities and behavior develop over time. It requires continuous adapting aided by a solid monitoring and tracking system put in place to complement the SEO strategy. For this reason, many companies opt to work with Vancouver web design agency and SEO marketing services providers for support.

What to Consider when Developing an SEO Marketing Strategy

Target Market
Today, SEO is no longer just about grabbing the as much traffic as possible. It’s about attracting more potential customers interested in your product. As such, you need to think about the demographics, what they are looking for (or entering in the search engines), and where they are located. Fine tuning this basis will let you target them more effectively, and increase the effectiveness of your SEO marketing of the best places to start with this is Google Analytics.

Officially, the mobile market is bigger than the desktop counterpart. You don’t need to see the statistics to see that over the last few years, the online mobile market has exploded exponentially, and overtook desktops officially in 2014. Best Vancouver search engine optimization company strategy is all about developing a website that fits the new style of online browsing, which fits the modern user and is responsive on all devices.

If your potential customers are using mobile devices, ensure that you provide a quality and engaging experience. In case you’re not sure about how your website measure up, then you can try out Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test by just entering your website’s URL.

Instead of just focusing on one keyword or set of keywords to improve the ranking of your site, it much better to consider what your target market is typing into the search engines and working from there. Long-tail and intent keywords allow you to be more precise about what your users are doing, when, and how.

Although keywords are still relevant in SEO, they need to be a bit more precise, and it’s not enough to just smatter a mix of keywords. Keep in mind that certain keywords can get many hits, but are these the best hits? With our SEO Vancouver BC services, it’s not always about the numbers, but finding a good ROI for your SEO efforts.

Social Media
Social media is another evolving platform that’s a crucial component of any SEO marketing services. Many users will often come from social media platforms, meaning that to optimize well for SEO, you need to have compelling social media pages on as many social media platforms as possible especially on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Don’t forget that social media also provides a great platform for engaging, keep up, and monitoring the activity of your customers, to better optimize your digital marketing strategy.

Other digital marketing services such as email marketing, Pay per Click (PPC), and reputation management that often comes with SEO marketing services can also complement your SEO strategy. Be sure to create the right kind of balance between organic SEO and paid ads in the search engines, and cross-sell your content through interesting press releases and relevant emails with the keywords to not only boost the visibility of your business online, but also build and nurture lasting relationship with your customers and boost your brand awareness.

When it comes to modern web design we have seen so many businesses failing to get this right! They want a pretty looking website but they don’t consider the main purpose of their website: to drive leads and sales. Period…. The businesses that are successful have one thing in common – their website is tailored around a specific goal: It can be to generate leads like phone calls or form submissions or direct sales if it is a eCommerce website.

Here at Aquea Web design & SEO we will discuss all of those problems and will provide solution. Stay tuned. Check our latest content about SEO marketing.